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Current Affairs : July 2020

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Current Affairs : July 2020

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Who launched the “Manodarpan Initiative”?

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In which position is India ranked in the Global Real Estate Transparency Index (GRTI)?

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Which tech giant company has announced a 10 billion investment in India?

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Which party has retained power in Singapore General Elections 2020?

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Which Indian cricketer has come under the ‘conflict of interest’ scanner?

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Lalji Tandon passed away on July 20, 2020. He was the governor of which state?

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Which state has introduced “Weavers’ Sammaan Yojana”?

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What is the theme of India Ideas Summit 2020?

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Who has been removed from the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

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Which organization admits that there is evidence of coronavirus airborne infections?

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Zoram Mega Food Park was launched in which state?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi jointly inaugurated the new Supreme Court building of which country on July 30, 2020?

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Who won the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity – 2020?

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