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Current Affairs : January 2020

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Current Affairs : January 2020

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Which city has been identified as the cleanest for the fourth time in the latest cleanliness survey of the Union government?

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When is World Hindi Day celebrated every year?

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In which state will India’s first Human Space Flight Infrastructure Center be established?

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What is the name of the human robot that ISRO has created for space missions?

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Which Indian female chess player has recently won the World Rapid Championship title?

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Which Indian theater personality has been selected for the French honor of ‘Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters’?

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Which actress has been selected for Padma Shri Award 2020?

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Who won ICC 2019 Spirit of Cricket award?

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Who has been appointed as India’s new Army chief?

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Which communication satellite has been launched by ISRO on January 17?

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Which country recorded the highest number of child births on January 1, 2020?

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Indian Railways has launched which helpline number for passengers?

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Which Indian weightlifter has been banned for four years after being convicted of doping?

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Which app has been launched by the Reserve Bank to identify the value of currency notes for the visually impaired?

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Which Indian actress won the Crystal Award 2020 at the 50th World Economic Forum?

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